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Online courses "Useful tips – how to be well prepared to get a dream job"


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European Institute of Innovation and Technology for Food (EIT Food) and University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague have prepared a series of online courses to support students in Czechia and Europe.





17 June 2021

17:00 - 18:30

Career Exploring

There is still a good portion of study ahead of you and you say that what comes after school will somehow crystallize on its own during that time? "Sure :-D." It's best to write the idea down on paper, squeeze it, and throw it in the stove. You have several years to make clear what you would enjoy and still earn some extra money. You don't have to stress with health and social insurance and you can develop in the safety of a mom / dad bank.

Come talk about the world of Career Exploring. What does it mean? Come and discover what you are already doing for yourself and not even thinking about it, and how dense it will be when you start thinking about it.

17 June 2021

16:00 - 17:30

Finding a job during (post) coronavirus era

Get practical tips on how to find a job today as a college graduate. We will focus on finding a job for the main employment relationship (not study brigades or compulsory internships).

As a basis, you will get tips for the most common topics: what to prepare in advance, where to find vacancies, whom to contact, what to expect from an online interview with a human resources manager, what the future boss is interested in… The added value will be the answers to your own questions - you will have the opportunity to ask them in the process and get answers right away.

For whom: it is most suitable for senior students (the last years of master's studies, but also bachelor's, if they do not want to study further)

Form: lecture with the possibility of asking questions (if it takes place online, we have no limit on the number of participants)


24 June 2021

16:00 - 17:30

Sell your strengths better - start building your personal brand!

To get the opportunity to show what is in you, you first need to be able to "sell" well yourself. To do this, it is good to know your strengths, understand how to use them and be able to confidently present them to others. You'll get practical tips on how to find out what you can offer the world and how to make a good advertisement for yourself. Let's take a look at what a well done resume looks like to open the door to companies, or how to fine-tune your LinkedIn profile that will impress. These will be the basics that you can grasp and work on yourself.

Form: lecture (if it takes place online, we have no limit on the number of participants)

1 July 2021

16:00 - 17:30

Give your personal brand a touch of uniqueness!

Those who really embark on creating materials in which they would like to imprint themselves usually appreciate the opportunity to discuss it with others. Get constructive feedback, be able to look at what they have created, through someone else's eyes. You will get just such an opportunity by participating in this workshop. Bring to it what you have already prepared (ideally send everything in advance) and ask what you are interested in. It is a group meeting where we will share our opinions and look for answers to the questions you bring. If you are interested in having more in depth discussion on how to build your brand not only to be able to get “on the board” (get a specific job / opportunity), but to develop it thoughtfully and further (during employment / cooperation), there will definitely be an opportunity to do so. If you need even more individual support, you can then sign up for an individual consultation.

Form: workshop, ideally for 15 - 20 people (who participated at the first event “Sell your strengths better” and really started preparing something)


Language:    Czech

Registration link:   https://pkc.vscht.cz/akademie/aktualni-kurzy

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