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RIS Inspire Summer Schools Programme

The development of RIS Inspire Summer Schools Programme aims to build a critical mass of new talent in Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS) countries. This will help to fill the current gap in scientific, entrepreneurial and managerial skills with capable multidisciplinary talent able to take on the challenges faced by the agrifood sector.


This project will develop three Summer Schools which are aimed at graduates from a range of disciplines in RIS countries, specifically designed to increase knowledge and innovation generated about food systems and to foster greater societal engagement, eventually developing a knowledge lab and an open-innovation ecosystem. The summer schools will cover three different focus areas: 


 ◳ Targeted Nutrition (gif) → (šířka 215px)


Targeted Nutrition



 ◳ Transparent Food Chains (gif) → (šířka 215px)


Transparent Food Chains

  •  Application deadline:    15.9.2021




 ◳ Circular Business MOdel (gif) → (šířka 215px)  

Circular Business Models

  • Application dedline: 8.11.2021   

  • APPLY HERE                                         





Choose one of the 3 topics of your interest, each of the 3 courses have different start dates and application buttons


The Summer School model is designed to develop skills and capabilities based on entrepreneurship, as well as enhance knowledge relating to the different issues facing the agrifood sector.  Our approach involves making each student a co-builder of their own knowledge with collaborative and problem-solving oriented learning. Importantly they will become aware of the different phases involved in knowledge building, using a path of planning for skills development (from ideation to business creation).


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