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Government Executive Academy 2022

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What is EIT Food Government Executive Academy (GEA)?

  • The GEA is an executive-level training program for public sector representatives from Central-Eastern and  Southern European countries, deepening their knowledge of agri-food innovations and sectoral regulation, and helping address societal challenges across Europe.


Why is the GEA worth to take a part?

  • The GEA is a special advisory and capability building program that offers insights into challenges related to food system innovations, Research and Innovation Smart Specialization Strategies and regulations.
  • You will be part of a cohort including public sector representatives, involved in the design, implementation and/or monitoring of Research & Innovation Smart Specialization Strategies (RIS3) related to agri-food industry or in defining regulatory policies related to agri-food industry.

What is purpose of the GEA?

  • The GEA delivers expert knowledge on challenges faced by the global agri-food industry, state-of-the-art technologies relevant to the food system and best practices in innovation management.

What is an advantage of the GEA?

  • The GEA bring together public sector representatives from countries of Central-Eastern and Southern Europe with experts working in the field of agri-food innovations from industry, academia and European institutions.

Why should I to get involved?

  • During the Academy, you will meet government executives, directors, managers, scientists and other experts working in the agri-food industry, non-governmental sector, European institutions and media. 
  • You can achieve knowledge of the innovation eco-systems in your country, increase the internationalization of your country’s agri-food companies and success rates of new product launches.

How to apply?

  • EIT Food GEA Edition 2022 will be delivered online between May and November 2022.
  • If you would like to join, please check out our GEA website for more information or apply HERE
  • Application deadline: 15th March 2022
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If you would like to join,
please  apply

Application deadline:
15th March 2022


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